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The academy

Located in the centre of Zurich, Frota Academy offers the best MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu education in the city of Zurich. With a wide range of classes, everybody can benefit and practice martial arts in a relaxed, yet professional environment. Frota Academy it’s our flagship academy. A 850 sqm facility filled with high end training tools, two mats and the best professionals to help you develop your martial arts skills and live a healthy lifestyle.


Qualified Coaches

Our instructors and coaches are highly experienced and provide a positive environment that makes training fun and enjoyable. All physical techniques taught are practical and sensible.

Quality Rooms

We offer premier-quality flooring for training facilities, along with all the products necessary for outfitting any gym or studio to its maximum potential.

Good Location

Finding the right location for a martial arts studio is a major factor in your success. It is also important to make sure the studio is located in a safe area.

Modern Equipment

We are focused on a wide variety of martial arts training equipment. The use of training equipment is always supervised by an experienced martial arts instructor.

The instructors

To be able to offer the best programs we need the best coaches in town. The instructors at Frota Academy offer a high quality training than you will not find anywhere else!
The founder, Augusto Frota, frequently brings BJJ and MMA superstars to share their knowledge, secrets and to divulge their methods, making Frota Academy an exclusive place.

Our programs

Here at Frota Academy our goal is to provide you with the best martial arts and fitness programs. Check all the different classes we offer and join!


Learn from the best and take your Free Lesson at the famous Frota Academy in Zurich