“At Frota Academy we provide the highest level martial arts instruction in all of Switzerland in a safe, friendly environment with experienced instructors.”

Group Classes

The majority of the classes at Frota Academy are group classes consisting of 5 to 30 members practicing safely under the guidance of a skilled instructor. Classes are taught in a supportive, friendly environment and separated by martial art and sometimes skill level. (Ex. BJJ White Sparring is a jiu-jitsu class only for white belts).
Classes are co-ed and members can expect to learn with and from their training partners. Some of the strongest bonds are created in the group class as members work together to improve on the mat.
Group classes are offered morning, noon, and night and typically run from 1 to 2 hours. Classes begin with a functional warmup to prepare the body and mind for training, include live instruction from one of our experienced teachers, drills, exercises, and sometimes sparring depending on skill level.
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Group Classes

  • All combat sports: BJJ, MMA, Wrestling, Boxing, Thai Boxing, and Yoga

  • Fun, safe, environment.

  • Available throughout the day, morning, noon, and evening.

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