Wrestling is one of the oldest combat sports in the world dating back over 15.000 years.


Wrestling combines grappling techniques like takedowns, throws, trips and the clinch. It is one of the “original sports” of the olympics and has developed a lot of different styles over the years, the most well ones probably being greco roman and freesytle.

In greco roman wrestling the wrestler is only allowed to attack the upper body of his opponent, trips and leg attacks are forbidden. In freestyle wrestling the wrestler is allowed to trip, throw and takedown the opponent, using his entire body. The goal in both styles is to pin the opponent to the mat with both shoulders, another way of winning is by points.

Wrestling is one of the most important Martial Arts for MMA, as it dictates whether the fight remains standing or not.

A striker (Kickboxer/Boxer) will try to use his takedown defense to remain standing, a grappler/BJJ fighter on the other hand will aim to take his opponent to the ground where he feels the most comfortable. Fighters with a wrestling background include the likes of Jon Jones and Dan Henderson (both Greco Roman), as well as Daniel Cormier and Ben Askren (both Freestyle). The ground aspect of wrestling isn’t trained for MMA, as BJJ has proven to be more effective in a real fight.

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