Never trained BJJ before? That’s alright – you will learn the basics in our BJJ intro classes.


So you’ve never trained Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu before, but it seems interesting to you and you want to start training? Don’t worry, you’re in good hands – at Frota Academy, you will learn Jiu-Jitsu basics in the BJJ intro classes.

These classes are an introduction to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu concepts and fundamentals, as well as to the ways you’ll learn and progress by training at the Frota Academy.

In the intro classes, you’ll learn about:

  • 20 fundamental BJJ attack/defence/control positions
  • dojo etiquette
  • fighting strategies
  • BJJ point system
  • preventing injuries
  • Portuguese language applied in BJJ

Class structure:

  • Warmup
  • Technique practice and drilling
  • Sparring

Intro class test and graduation

In order to start training in the advanced BJJ class, the students must pass the intro class test. This is a written assessment, which tests the student’s general knowledge about BJJ and BJJ techniques.
The amount of the students’ training time in the intro class, before they’re fit to take the assessment, is defined by the students’ progress and attendance – which should be no less than 80% of the overall amount of classes.

After passing the test, the students gets awarded their first stripe and can then start their unlimited training in the advanced class.

Dojo etiquette

In our BJJ intro classes, you’ll also learn to follow the basic Frota Academy dojo etiquette:

  • Don’t step onto the tatami without the instructor’s permission.
  • Greet everyone according to their belt rank – greet higher belts first.
  • Don’t be late. If you are late and the class has already started, ask your instructor for permission to join the class.
  • Shake hands with your training partner before each sparring session
  • Avoid being aggressive and using too much intensity in training. Instead, try to be loose – our goal is to improve, not to hurt each other.
  • Keep quiet during training. Don’t interrupt the instructor and don’t disturb the flow of the class in any way.
  • Focus during training.
  • Never leave the mats without first getting permission from your instructor. It’s okay to ask for a break if you don’t feel well or if you’re injured.
  • In case of personal problems with another team member, address your instructor directly.
  • Training BJJ, Grappling or MMA outside the Frota Team is not allowed. Breaking this rule leads to an immediate exclusion from the Team.
  • If you have an individual question, wait until the class is finished or until the instructor invites you to ask.
  • Shoes are forbidden on the mats, with the exception of wrestling shoes.
  • Always show up well-groomed. Nails on your toes and fingers should be trimmed.
  • Don’t wear jewelry. Piercings also have to be removed, for the sake of safety.
  • Keep your kimono folded and properly arranged in all places inside the academy and on the tatami.
  • Rearrange your kimono after each drilling and sparring session.

Excited to start? That’s great!
Use the contact form below and sign up for your first BJJ class – please make sure to mention that you’re new to BJJ in your message.


What we offer:

  • Classes suited for everyone
  • Exceptionally experienced instructors
  • Positive, encouraging environment
  • Guaranteed BJJ progress

You should train if:

  • You’ve never trained BJJ before
  • You want to start training in the best possible way
  • You wish to grow stronger physically and mentally
  • You want to be surrounded with positive people

Equipment for training:

  • Kimono
  • BJJ belt
  • Mouthguard
  • Head protection (Optional)