In order to ensure the best quality of our BJJ classes, it is mandatory for beginners to attend the Intro Class. This class is an introduction to our Jiu-jitsu concept and fundamentals.

Intro Classes

In the intro class you will learn about

  • 20 Fundamental positions of BJJ Attack /Defence/Control
  • Dojo ettiquete
  • Portuguese language applied to BJJ World
  • Fight strategies
  • Point system
  • Injuries Prevention

In the Dojo

– Do not go in the tatami without your instructors’ permission
– Greet everyone according to their belt. Greet first higher belts.
– Do not be late. If you are late and the class has already started you have to ask the permission of your instructor to join the class.
– After every session of drilling or sparring rearrange your kimono to match the dojo etiquette.

Introduction class Test and graduation

In order to progress to the advanced class the student must succeed at the intro test. This test includes general questions for BJJ and examination of techniques. The exact amount of time that the individual must remain in the Intro class, before doing the test, is defined by the students’ progress and attendance which should be around 80% of the overall amount of classes. After its successful completion the student gets awarded the first stripe and can get unlimited training with the advanced BJJ class.

The Dojo Ettiquete

  • Shake hands with your sparring partner before each training.
  • Avoid aggression and too much intensity in training, try to be loose. Our goal is to improve, not to hurt other people.
  • During training, keep quiet, don’t talk if not necessary, don’t disturb in any way.
  • Focus during training.
  • Never leave the tatame without getting permission from your teacher. It’s okay to ask for a break if you don’t feel well or if you’re injured.
  • In case of personal problems with another team member, address your teacher directly.
  • Training BJJ, Grappling or MMA outside the Frota Team is not allowed. Breaking this rule leads to an immediate exclusion from the Team.
  • If you have individual questions, wait until after the class or until your teacher invites you to ask.
  • Shoes are forbidden on the tatame, with the exception of wrestling shoes.
  • Always show up well-groomed, toe and fingernails should be trimmed.
  • Don’t wear any jewellery; also piercings have to be removed.
  • Keep your kimono closed and properly arrange in all places inside the academy and the tatami.

Class structure

  • Warm up
  • Positions and drilling
  • Sparring

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