The say behind every great man there’s a great woman. We’ll this is definitely true for the Frota Team Academy in Zurich/Switzerland. In every great team there are also great women to represent our sport!

Iris Karjalainen, a mother of two children shows us the true samurai spirit. Besides the daily responsibilities, she is training hard on the mat, never holding back. As a white belt, she won numerous medals in BJJ tournaments and her record already sounds impressiv: Silver in Zurich, Gold in Nice, Gold in Florianopolis, Bronce in London, Gold in Toronto.

She said: “I quit my stressful job as an accountant and decided to focus more on my bjj training and the upbringing of my children. In the near future, my plans are to compete in Berlin, Madrin and Sao Paolo”.

Well, girls take notice!! Here’s comes a Kick Ass Mum to represent the Frota Team Nogueira all over the world and to share some true inspiration for all the female Bjj players out there.