Frota Academy Interview Series:

Davi Ramos, the 2015 ADCC World Champion, Team Nogueira MMA Professional Fighter and ATOS Jiu Jitsu Member visited the Frota Academy on the 03.November 2015 for seminars and for a short Interview.

In the Interview the current Best grappler on earth in the 77kg weight class is talking about his expectations of the biggest grappling tournament on earth (ADCC World championships 2015), and about the famous flying armbar submission, which Davi used in his final match at the ADCC against Lucas Lepri (multiple time IBJJF World Champion Gi & NoGi by himsel).

He gives us as well some tips for white belts about training jiu jitsu and grappling, and names his toughest opponent in jiu jitsu/grappling/MMA.

Furthermore he talks about the debate of training-methodology in the Gi or Nogi and his opinion and approach when it comes down to preparations for tournaments.

Davi Ramos is a great, feared and aggressive fighter, but as a human being he is a very humble, gentle individual, a great teacher and friend!

The Frota Academy was very pleased about having him here and looks forward to receive him in the future again.

Now go check the Video-Interview here at the Frota Academy youtube channel: