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800mts of training area, nutritional service,private classes, ladies & children programs and the best brazilian BJJ lifestyle !



Here at Frota Academy our goal is to provide you with the best martial arts and fitness programs. Check all the different classes we offer and come to try it!

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Augusto Frota


Our head coach is a fighters fighter, top MMA competitor, BJJ athlete and a successful entrepreneur living in Switzerland since around 10 years.

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To be able to offer the best programs we need the best coaches in town. Find out more who is behind the courtains taking care of the different programs.

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Learn Brazilian Jiujitsu, Mixed Martial Arts and most important, live ahealthy life style! come and train! with the best.

Rodrigo Nogueira Pad work at Frota Academy with 7 years old Matheus Frota !

Once you get older, you realise that you can […]


video by Tino Konino

Paulo Balicha

Paulo Balicha, K1 WKA World Champion will visit the […]

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Then learn from the best,  come pay us a visit and enjoy your free trial lesson at the famous Frota Academy in zurich. Request a free trial, you are going to have fun! We are waiting for you!

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Brazilian Jiujitsu / Grappling results

gold552 Gold medals

silver277 Silver medals

bronze283 Bronze medals

Mixed Martial Arts results

70  fights won

25 fights lost

4 fight draw

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