“My purpose is to inspire you to reach your martial arts goals.”

Augusto Frota is the owner & head coach at Frota Academy, and is known to be one of the Europe’s most successful martial arts instructors.

Now a 4th degree BJJ black belt, Augusto established the Frota Academy back in 2002 – with a goal of creating an environment where both the hobbyists and professionals would feel welcome and make fast progress.
He worked hard on making that dream a reality. With time, the number of students and the Academy began to grow; and an environment that Frota envisioned started turning into a reality.

Today, 20 years later – thanks to Augusto’s coaching expertise, experience as a professional MMA and BJJ fighter, and to his and the team’s tireless efforts – the Frota Academy is among the world’s leading martial arts academies.
As a head coach, Augusto always tries to deliver the best training and atmosphere for the Academy members. He doesn’t do this just through the regular classes, however; but rather, with his contacts across the martial arts network, he also brings world-class athletes and instructors from various affiliations to teach classes and conduct seminars at his Academy.

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What others say about Augusto Frota:

Augusto is a great friend and one of my top students ,by far he exceeds the goal he has set for himself and his students , Frota Team rocks !
Rodrigo Nogueira Minotauro, MMA Legend UFC /Pride Fighter

Augusto Frota is a very dedicated fighter and teacher with a great eye for details.
Besides that he is a very humble and honest guy. He will get the best out of you regarding to fighting and in personal life.

Martin De Iong, President Shooto Europe / Trainer/Manager Team Golden Glory Member of G4 Productions / CEO Ultimate Glory

The best place to be if you are in Zurich, great environment, great group and awesome place to learn martial arts. One of the most beautiful gym that I’ve seen.

Marcus Almeida (Buchecha), IBJJF World Championship

Switzerand and Europe for that matter is lucky to have someone like Augusto Frota spreading the BJJ gospel in its land.
Besides being a top fighter Augusto is a great instructor and a good guy. If you have a chance go train and learn from him.
He is one of my favorite people to train with.

Kid Peligro, BJJ Black / Belt and Author

The most beautiful gym in Zurich! High level professionals martial art!

Katel e Ge kubis, *

The best academy in the whole Switzerland.. a must attend if you live there or you are just passing through… Great instructors and great facilities… if you are in Master Frota’s hands.. you are in great hands. A must go academy for Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Renzo Gracie, *

We are from same place Fortaleza-Brazil , what at first place makes us buddy !I was his coach for a time ,Augusto has always been a great person besides a very dedicated athlete with an enormous potential!

Marcus Aurelio, BJJ Black / Belt and Author

To speak about my friend Augusto and his Team I am a bit suspicious ,he is the one that gave me the opportunity to have my first fight in Europe (Shooto ) ,and after that It was the beginning of many victories and a great start of my International career .Augusto was a person who made a revolutions for the bjj to get bigger and bigger, for growing of BJJ in Switzerland and Europe ,his team has high level athletes and one of the best of Europe ,if is not the best .Thanks my friends from Switzerland ,today you guys are part of my family ,with respect and special affection to you all!

Roan Carneiro (Jucao), BJJ Black / Belt and Author

Who is Augusto Frota?

Augusto Frota is one of the most influential personalities in BJJ and MMA, with a varied background both in martial arts and in business – and with a vast network in the martial arts industry.

He is originally from Fortazela, but it was in Brasilia (Brazil) where he began training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 1997 under Admilson Brites, a black belt under Royler Gracie. At that time, Augusto competed in and won several national and state tournaments; and then moved back to Fortazela to train under Marcus Aurelio (Pride/UFC veteran).

However, due to academic commitments, Augusto left for the United States and attended school in Fort Lauderdale. He completed his BIB (Bachelors in International Business) in Florida – and met Minotauro Nogueira there (MMA legend – ex Pride & UFC heavyweight world champion and founder of the famous Team Nogueira). Nogueira subsequently set him on the road to becoming an international fighter.
After completing his studies, Augusto moved to Switzerland and started working for UBS (Union of the Swiss Banks) while simultaneously being an MMA fighter and competing in the Shooto circuit (in Europe and Japan). Continuing to train under Nogueira, Augusto established his own academy in 2002 and earned his BJJ black belt in September 2005.

Today, Frota is one of Europe’s top martial arts instructors. A 4th degree BJJ black belt, he is the owner & head coach of Frota Academy in Zürich, Switzerland.
By utilizing his contacts across the network, Augusto often brings world-class instructors from various affiliations to teach classes and conduct seminars at his Academy (such as Renzo Gracie, Braulio Estima, Gezary Matuda, Marcus „Buchecha“ Almeida, Leandro Lo, Rodolfo Vieira, and Davi Ramos).

Augusto is also the man behind luxury BJJ camps which are held every year in exotic locations all around the world (like Mykonos, Ibiza, Barcelona, and Cannes), and which feature elite athletes such as Leandro Lo, Rodolfo Vieira, Marcus „Buchecha“ Almeida, Mackenzie Dern, and Gezary Matuda.



  • IBJJF Open Amsterdam 2018
  • Brazilian Interclub Champion 1998/ 3rd place 1997-LBJ-J
  • Cup 70 Years Mestre Geny Rebello Champion 1997 LITERJJI (Rio de Janeiro-RJ)
  • Challneger Brasilia x Goiania Jiu-Jitsu Champion 1998 FJJ-DF (Goiania-GO)
  • RADICAL CUP Champion 1997 LITERJJI Teresopolis (Rio de Janeiro-RJ)
  • I Tournament of Jiu-Jitsu Brasilia x Paracatu Champion ( Open Class) 1998 FJJ-DF (Minas Gerais-MG)
  • Brasilia State Vice-Champion 1997 FJJ-DF (Brasilia-DF)
  • II Copa Ascade Vice-Champion 1996 FJJ-DF (Brasilia-DF)


  • Shooto Champion 2002 (Culemborg) Holland
  • Shooto Champion 2003 (Ede) Holland
  • Shooto: Holland vs. The World (Road to Tokyo) Champion 2003 / Holland
  • Pro.Shooto Japan 2003(Veteran)
  • Pro.Shooto Switzerland 2004 (Champion)
  • Ultimate Combat UK 11 2004 (Champion)
  • Rookie Night 6 Zürich Switzerland 2004 (Champion)
  • CS “ Caledonia Spirits Scotland 2005 (Champion)
  • Shooto Holland “ Playing With Fire Holland 2006 (Champion)
  • Shooto “ Back To Our Roots 2 Tokyo Japan 2007 (Competidor)
  • Swiss Casino Las Vegas “ Basel Switzerland 2007 (Champion)
  • Cage Wars 7 “ Scotland The Brave 2007 Glascow (Champion)
  • Cage Wars “ Celtic Rage Belfast 2007 (Champion)


  • Fitness Planet Festival 2003 (Italy) – Grappling Super-fight Champion
  • Amsterdam International Open IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship, Middle Weight Category and Open Class Champion