“My goal is to inspire each individual student to reach their goal”

Augusto Frota

Head Coach Augusto Frota

Augusto Frota is known as a top MMA and BJJ fighter and a successful coach from Frota Team Nogueira in Switzerland. Augusto, who is originally from Fortaleza, moved to Brasilia, Brazil, where he began his training in 1997 under Admilson Brites, a black belt under Royler Gracie. At that time Augusto competed in and won several national and state tournaments. He moved back to Fortaleza and began training with Marcus Aurelio (Pride/UFC-Veteran).

Due to academic commitments Augusto left for the United States and attended school in Fort Lauderdale. He completed his BIB (Bachelors in International Business) in Florida where he met the man who would change his competitive life and set him on the road to becoming an international fighter. That man was the legendary Minotauro Nogueira (Ex-Pride & UFC-HW-World Champion and founder of the famous Team Nogueira with world champions like Anderson Silva and Junior Cigano.

After he completed his studies Augusto moved to Switzerland and started to work for UBS (Union of the Swiss Banks) and he now resides in Zurich. Continuing to train under Nogueira, he established his own academy and soon earned his black belt in September 2005. He is now one of Europe’s top instructors.

Augusto is a consummate professional and likes to help everyone improve; he is also very open to new techniques and training routines which he is happy to incorporate into his ever improving skill set.

Since 2004 Augusto represents:
– Shooto Europe (Legendary MMA federation from Japan)
– ADCC World Grappling Federation (BJJ-competition of the highest level)

Augusto would love nothing more than to continue to form new champion students and will be working very hard to make that happen. Be a part of the Frota Team Nogueira and train with Augusto Frota.

Augusto Frota
Augusto FrotaHead Coach
  • Black Belt 4th Degree

  • Nickname: Guto
  • Height: 1.71m
  • Weight: 66kg (145lb)
  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Born: May 05, 1978
  • Fighting out of: Zürich, Switzerland
  • Town of birth: Fortaleza, Ceará-Brazil
  • Team/Association: Frota-Team/Nogueira
  • Fighting style: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Thai boxing, Wrestling



  • IBJJF Open Amsterdam 2018
  • Brazilian Interclub Champion 1998/ 3rd place 1997-LBJ-J
  • Cup 70 Years Mestre Geny Rebello Champion 1997 LITERJJI (Rio de Janeiro-RJ)
  • Challneger Brasilia x Goiania Jiu-Jitsu Champion 1998 FJJ-DF (Goiania-GO)
  • RADICAL CUP Champion 1997 LITERJJI Teresopolis (Rio de Janeiro-RJ)
  • I Tournament of Jiu-Jitsu Brasilia x Paracatu Champion ( Open Class) 1998 FJJ-DF (Minas Gerais-MG)
  • Brasilia State Vice-Champion 1997 FJJ-DF (Brasilia-DF)
  • II Copa Ascade Vice-Champion 1996 FJJ-DF (Brasilia-DF)


  • Shooto Champion 2002 (Culemborg) Holland
  • Shooto Champion 2003 (Ede) Holland
  • Shooto: Holland vs. The World (Road to Tokyo) Champion 2003 / Holland
  • Pro.Shooto Japan 2003(Veteran)
  • Pro.Shooto Switzerland 2004 (Champion)
  • Ultimate Combat UK 11 2004 (Champion)
  • Rookie Night 6 Zürich Switzerland 2004 (Champion)
  • CS “ Caledonia Spirits Scotland 2005 (Champion)
  • Shooto Holland “ Playing With Fire Holland 2006 (Champion)
  • Shooto “ Back To Our Roots 2 Tokyo Japan 2007 (Competidor)
  • Swiss Casino Las Vegas “ Basel Switzerland 2007 (Champion)
  • Cage Wars 7 “ Scotland The Brave 2007 Glascow (Champion)
  • Cage Wars “ Celtic Rage Belfast 2007 (Champion)


  • Fitness Planet Festival 2003 (Italy) – Grappling Super-fight Champion
  • Amsterdam International Open IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship, Middle Weight Category and Open Class Champion

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