Body, mind and spirit in balance help to stay healthy, in shape and to return to your real essence.


  • Yoga teacher certified by Anusara School of Hata Yoga

  • Ballet dancer certified by Cuba Ballet National School and contemporary dancer.

Adriana Neumann

Yogi since 1998, Yoga teacher 200 Hour certified by Anusara School of Hata Yoga at Stambha School. Zürich. Dancer since the age 6 years old certified by Cuba Ballet National School.

Experience as teacher
Private and group classes for kids, dancers, seniors, adults and teenagers at different places.

Yoga connects our inner and outer spaces. Yoga goes deep into our body in order to recognize ou soul. And goes deep into our soul in order to awake our body. As a yoga teacher I’m able to encourage people to bring back their essence for the purpose of living a more peaceful, awareness and happily daily life

Yoga is an ancient practice that integrates body, mind and spirit. Yoga has been conceived as a technique for enhancing man’s powers through breathing techniques and postures.

It is a safe and effective method exercise that focuses on body balance, strength and lengthening.

The gentle exercises together with meditation and breath control does help to stay healthy, connected to your essence and as a result in very good shape.

Yoga will benefit in better vitality, focus, joy, flexibility, body awareness, balanced blood pressure and improved posture and physical pain.

If you want to get healthy and improve your shape, or need extra help with your rehabilitation or want to balance your mental and physical body Yoga is the right training for you.

We offer you a 60 minutes training session in a friendly, calm and fun atmosphere, two times a week

People looking for:

  • improve stability
  • improve muscle strength
  • improve mobility
  • relieve stress
  • reduce weight

Berufsschule Dojo – Frota Academy

 Holidays and school settings

Every Tuesday 18:30

In case is more convenient for you can also train at our other academy located in the city of Zurich. Very close to the city center this unit offers BJJ and Grappling classes. Book a trial class using the form or give us a call to book an appointment.

Lagerstrasse 55
8004 Zürich

Phone: (+ 41) 078 964 40 77

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