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Private Classes

Our private classes are designed specifically for those who wish to accelerate their progress and learn advanced details at a faster pace than in regular classes.

Private classes

If you’re training one of the Frota Academy martial arts – either BJJ, MMA, Wrestling, Grappling, Boxing, Muay Thai – or yoga, and you want to speed up your progress, as well as learn advanced details at a faster pace, then Frota Academy’s private classes are for you.

Our private classes can be designed specifically for the needs and martial art goals of the individual student.
For example, if you want your curriculum to be focused more on a specific set of techniques, positions, or even on a combination of different martial arts (for example, Muay Thai and Wrestling) – then you can just tell your
instructor and he will design the private classes curriculum and sessions according to your preferences.

Both private (one student) and semi-private classes (2 or 3 students) are available at Frota Academy, both for those just beginning their journey and for those who are more advanced martial artists.
In both cases, the students will experience a faster rate of skill development in a shorter amount of time.

Start training, today. Contact us via our email ( or via telephone [(+41) 76 368 62 93)] – and visit us for your first private class!


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