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group classes

At Frota Academy, we provide martial arts classes of the highest quality – taught by experienced instructors, in a safe and friendly environment.

Group classes

If you’re interested in learning and improving in BJJ, MMA, Wrestling, Grappling, Boxing, Thai Boxing, or yoga – then the Frota Academy group classes are what you’re looking for, no matter if you’re someone who’s just getting started or if you’re a more advanced athlete.

Group classes are separated by martial art and sometimes by skill level (for example, “BJJ White Sparring” is a BJJ class only for BJJ white belts) – and all of these classes are taught in a friendly & supportive environment, by very experienced instructors.
The majority of our group classes consist out of 5 to 30 students. They are co-ed and students can expect to learn not just from their instructors, but with and from their training partners as well. This creates a strong bond between those involved, as they work together towards improvement.

What do group classes look like?

Frota Academy group classes are offered in the morning, noon, and night – and they are typically 1 to 2 hours long.
Classes begin with a thorough, functional warmup which prepares the body and mind for training. The warmup is followed by live instructions from one of our experienced instructors; then technique drills, exercises, and sometimes sparring (depending on skill level).

If you haven’t trained a martial art before, then click here and check out our intro classes.
On the other hand, if you have some experience training, then click on the button below and sign up for your free group trial class!


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