Frota Team Nogueira congratulates all team members who participated and represented the team during last week at the IBJJF European Championships 2015 in Lisbon.

During the last week Frota Team Nogueira took part in the prestigious IBJJF European Championships 2015 in Lisbon.
Four athletes of our team achieved outstanding results, they show brave hearts, dedication and awesome skills while winning three gold medals and one bronze medal.
Leoncio Frei triumphed at the europeans and reached the top of the podium at his division, white belt, male, adult, lightweight. On his way to the european championships title he submitted almost all of his tough opponents with one and the same Bow & Arrow Choke! Markable is the fact that in his division were 57 participants.

Marco Perna also defeated all his opponents during his stint at the division white, adult, male, featherweight and was able to secure the title of European Champion 2015.
The heaviest of our athletes, Louis Neeser,  submitted also almost all of his opponents on the way to the European championships title, except at the finals. He showed awesome jiu jitsu skills during all his fights and won the title at his division white, adult, male, ultra-heavyweight.
David Pereira Narte, battled through the division white, master 2, male, super heavy and reached the semifinals where he lost a hard and razorsharped fight by points and so David reached the bronze medal at the european championships 2015.

Kevin Nguyen, Ciriaco Schiavone, Chaim Fernandez, Algeny, Vincenzo Miano and Stefan Rüegg fought all hard fights, showed good jiu jitsu but unfortunately couldn’t reach the podium this year, we are sure there will be good results coming from them in the near future.

Congratulations to the outstanding results, Frota Team Nogueira is more than proud! Keep the good work going on!

Hard work pays off!
Frota Team Nogueira Family !!