Dear members,

We know you can’t wait to be back on the mats, learning, rolling, sweating and having fun.

We are happy to announce that we will be able to resume our martial arts classes on Saturday June 6th! However, according to the government, there are specific guidelines that we must follow in order to ensure the safety of all members and staff.

Please read the following instructions carefully so that we can safely and easily get back on the mats!

Each member must choose one partner as their designated training partner for all classes going forward. You must train only with your chosen training partner, and train no more than 4 times per week. All training classes must be scheduled.

We will be using an online document to track training partners, as well as when they will be training together.

If you know who you’d like to train with you can use this document to register now. Partners must agree on a set training schedule and register for classes using the form. We will notify you if the classes become full and are unavailable.
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Apply training partner & schedule request

If you do not have a partner please show up to the gym during any class time and we will match you with a partner of similar size and rank. Once you have a partner use the document to register for classes.

We will notify you if things change, and thank you for your cooperation!

To summarize:

1. Choose one partner to train with indefinitely.
2. Agree on a set training schedule, no more than 4 classes per week.
3. Use the online form to register as partners and for classes.

4.  We will notify you of changes.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.  We can’t wait to see you all back on the mats!

The Frota Academy

Keep in mind

1. We will additionally give you BJJ classes every Sunday 12:15 (for a period)
2. Will we add for FREE fitness classes to all memberships
3. We will have financial incentives for those who pretend to do early renew after COVID-19 interruption.

For any additional question please write us our school Whatzup bellow