Yoga is an exercise method that builds a stronger and more mobile body, as well as a more integrated body, mind, and spirit.


Yoga is a form of ancient practice that aims to integrate the body, mind, and spirit. It’s also an effective exercise method that is paired with breath control, and which focuses on body balance, strength, mobility, and lengthening.

Practicing yoga leads to better vitality, focus, joy, flexibility, body awareness, balanced blood pressure, as well as to an improved posture and less physical pain. Furthermore, for martial artists, practicing yoga regularly means that they’ll be able to train for a much longer time in the future and with less injuries.

Therefore, if you wish to get healthier and improve your overall shape, as well as to prolong your martial arts training (and competition career), then Frota Academy yoga classes are tailored-made for you. The classes are led by Adriana Neumann, who’s been a yoga practitioner all the way since 1998.

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Your yoga instructor – Adriana Neumann

Adriana Neumann has been a Yogi since 1998 and is a Yoga teacher with over 200 hours of practice, certified by Anusara School of Hatha Yoga at the Stambha School in Zürich.
She has also been a dancer since she was 6 years old, and is certified by the Cuba Ballet National School.
Experience as a teacher:
Adriana has exceptional experience teaching both group and private Yoga classes to adults, kids, teenagers, seniors, and dancers.
Adriana’s statement:
“Yoga connects our inner and outer spaces. It goes deep into our bodies in order to recognize our souls… And goes deep into our soul in order to awaken our body.
As a Yoga teacher, I’m able to encourage people to bring back their essence for the purpose of living a more peaceful, awareness and happily daily life.”

What we offer:

  • 60 minutes-long training session, twice per week
  • A friendly, calm, and fun atmosphere
  • Accomplished, highly experienced instructor

You should train if:

  • You want to improve your body balance
  • You’d like to become stronger
  • You wish to become injury-proof
  • You want to learn how to control your breathing
  • You wish to feel less physical pain in everyday life

Equipment for training:

  • Shorts
  • T-Shirt
  • Shoes
  • Towel
Start training now!