Zurich Open

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IBJJF have just announced a new date on their European calendar of competitions. After Lisbon (Europeans), London, Rome, Munich, and Paris the next city is Zurich, Switzerland! The date and location of the Zurich International Open IBJJF Championship has been confirmed. It will be on the 9thnd 10th of May 2015 at the prestigious

Lisbon Open

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Frota Team Nogueira congratulates all team members who participated and represented the team during last week at the IBJJF European Championships 2015 in Lisbon. During the last week Frota Team Nogueira took part in the prestigious IBJJF European Championships 2015 in Lisbon. Four athletes of our team achieved outstanding results, they show brave hearts, dedication

Swiss-Amateur Championship

On the 13th of December Shooto Switzerland organized an event in Basel at the Swiss Las Vegas arena. There Leszek Doleżal a student under Frota Team Nogeuira led by none other than Augusto Frota was victorious. Through the use of jiujutsu Leszek was able to capitalize and make quick work of his opponent in the

Committed to teaching you

We’ve grown a great deal since our establishment as a single Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in 2001. Since then, we’ve added Muay Thai,MMA, boxing,Kids Bjj and straight and condition programs to the mix. Today, we’re proud to have 4 Frota Team Nogueira Centers locations in Zurich and feel across Europe and Brazil ,offering a