8004 Zurich, Switzerland


Thalison Soares

UAEJJF 2017-2018 World rank #2 purple belt – born on May 21, 1999 Soares comes from the same champion’s factory as that of Leandro Lo, the Miyao brothers, Helton Jose Junior, Tiago Barros, Hiago George, Manuel Ribamar, Nathiely de Jesus and so many others. Soares (or ‘Little Miyao’ as he’s been nicknamed by the media) is one of the youngest athletes in the purple belt division, having already started his victorious reign.

• Winner or Flo Grappling’s 2016 Prospect of the year
• IBJJF European Champion
• IBJJF Worlds Champion 2016
• UAEJJF Grand Slam
• Miami Open
• No Gi Worlds – Double Gold
• South American – Double Gold
• San Paulo Open – Double Gold


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