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Summer Camp Feat. Cro Cop, Renzo Gracie & Augusto Frota in Croatia in September

At the beginning of September, Šibenik in Croatia will host a unique MMA sports event. ‘Krivac’ is the company Golden Management, which in cooperation with the American Top Team is organizing a summer ‘Golden Camp’ for various martial arts in Vodice from September 1 to 10, and the culmination will be on September 11

Graduation Frota Academy – July 31, 2021

Make sure you register for an amazing event, here at Frota Academy! The Graduation will start at 13:00 and will take a place in Frota Academy: Badenerstrasse 434, 8004, Zurich. * This event is white Gi only. ** Only for the Gym Members After submitting your application during some days you will

5 Ways To Become A Better Guard Passer

Every jiu-jitsu athletes needs to have solid guard passing fundamentals. Even if you love to play guard, there are times when you will have to be on top and know how to defend and attack. Plus, there is one major advantage you have when playing from the top; gravity. Understanding how to properly use

Five Tips To Never Get Your Guard Passed

Not every person will have an impassable guard. Some people are naturally more flexible and a simply built to work off their backs. However, regardless if you’re a natural guard player or not, there are a few key concepts to having a hard guard to pass. When you’re guard is hard to pass, you’re

Ten Ways To Get The Most Out of Every BJJ Class

We all want to get better at jiu-jitsu. That’s why we show up a few times a week, put in the work, and deal with the bumps and bruises that come with learning a martial art. But, are you making the most of each time you step on the mat? Could you be getting


FROTA ACADEMY BJJ INTERNAL CHAMPIONSHIP We welcome and invite Frota Academy students to participate in the FROTA ACADEMY BJJ INTERNAL BJJ Championship. This event will feature a Gi and NoGi division (All ages and divisions) at the Gemeindeverwaltung Kilchberg Sportanlage Address: Hochweidstrasse 13, 8802 Kilchberg Switzerland Saturday Gi : Sunday No Gi Kids

Seminar Roger Gracie

Roger Gracie is a jiu jitsu black belt, regarded by many of the sport’s fans as the greatest competitor of all time. a 14x World Champion (10 of which in the black belt division) and mixed martial arts (MMA) competitor, this Gracie family representative from Rio de Janeiro, moved to London, England in his teens, opening one of the county’s biggest academies with